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Dark Horse Comics “The Terminator” Now In App Store


Dark Horse Comics from just south of Portland Oregon now has comics available in the App Store.  The first offering is the 4 part The Terminator: Death Valley comics at $1 each and each part is about 80 screens long.  Just another good use of the iPhone App Store in...


Myst Now Available in App Store


Myst had to be the first game I was truly envious of.  Seeing it on a buddies computer left me dazzled, as I had never seen graphics so crisp and atmospheric before.  Now available in the App Store is the classic Myst and it’s a big one.  Wieghing in at...


Swine Flu Tracker App: Not Called iSwine


To fuel the fires of pork paranoia, a Swine Flu Tracker is soon to emerge in the app store for all that desperately need infectious disease information.  As a free app, Swine Flu Tracker is a news and symptoms feed, a map that updates the outbreaks, and a World Health...


iPhone App Developers For Hire? (update)


Tired of working at the cheese sandwich factory? Have a great idea for an App but aren't smart enough to learn the development code? I sure am! Newly emerged on the web is Here you can pitch your app ideas and get up to three...


App Store: Drunk Dialing Management


Many people have either been victims or villains in the late night debacle that is drunk dialing. I definitely have. There always seems to be so much more to say after a few too many. To help combat these potentially hazardous situations, a pair of drunk dialing...

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