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Resident Evil 4 Now Available In The App Store for $8


After that cool video surfaced showing the Japanese version of Resident Evil 4, the American version is now available for $8 dollars in the App Store.  Not many reviews in the App Store as of now, but so far people are saying that the control scheme is better than Degeneration...

Monkey Island

The Secret Of Monkey Island: SE Hits The App Store At $7.99


Finally!  This is what I’ve been waiting for, now bring on King’s Quest and Police Quest!  There has been so much Monkey Island hype these days and rightfully so.  One of the original and best graphic adventures is now available portable style on the iPhone and iPod Touch for $7.99. ...


Game Leak: Resident Evil 4 Mobile Edition For The iPhone (video)

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According to whatever, Resident Evil 4 Mobile Edition was released in the Japanese App Store “accidentally” and then pulled.  Somebody did manage to pop off a quick video though and it looks pretty cool.  Having yet to play Resident Evil Degeneration, I heard that it was great minus some bland...


Mass Effect Galaxy Now In App Store For $4.99 (iPhone)


I’m not going to talk about about my gripes in regards to Mass Effect but rather just tell you that it is now available for purchase in the App Store for $4.99.  So far reviews have been mildly positive with an emphasis being placed on production values, cut scenes, and...


WWDC 09: Apple’s Almost Real Time App Wall (video)


Aimed to show the power of the App Store, Apple’s App Wall display is sure to catch your eye at this year’s WWDC.  Showing 20,000 of the most popular Apps it also displays apps being purchased at about a 5 minute delay.  Looks pretty Matrix-esque.  Cool wall paper idea “indeed”!...


Sirius XM App On Way To iPhone W/ iTunes Integration


At today’s Sirius XM meeting for shareholders, a presentation was made in regards to a new app on its way to the iPhone.  While the app will be free, an extra $3 a month will need to be added to an already existing subscription to Sirius XM to use it. ...


Resident Evil Degeneration In App Store Now (video)


Having just seen the animated Resident Evil Degeneration Movie on Blu Ray I was surprised to see a game version appear in the App Store this morning.  While the movie looked stellar and the story was a bit flat, a giant airplane does crash into the terminal and looks awesome. ...