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Instant Coupons On Your iPhone Via Yowza!!


Just in time for holiday shopping madness, Yowza!! brings some unexpected App cheer for those of us coupon users.  When out and about, Yowza!! shows you store coupons for up to 15 miles around from where you are shopping at.  Even the Bar Code is displayed for the cashier to...


Cry Translator App Analyzes Your Crying Baby


Ahhh….Techie new parents are going to love this one.  A new iPhone application entitled The Cry Translator is on its way that will effectively tell you what your gurgling baby is crying about. The app will listen to a whining child and determine through pitch, volume, tone, and inflection, what...

GameFly App

GameFly GameCenter iPhone App Now Available


For those of you that subscribe to the NetFlix-esque video game rental service, the GameFly GameCenter app is now available for free in the App Store.  More than just access to your queue, the GameFly GameCenter has a news feed, tons of user reviews, and instantly accessible “most popular” games...


2 Billion Apps Downloaded From Apple


Once again Apple has passed a significant landmark for their app store.  Today the company announced that over 2 billion apps have been downloaded from the 2 year old service.  According to Apple there are more than “85,000 apps available to the more than 50 million iPhone and iPod touch...


TomTom GPS App Points The Way Towards An iPhone Near You


The TomTom North American “turn by turn” GPS navigation app is now available in the US App Store for $99.99.  There are currently 12 reviews up and the biggest complaint so far is that the app does not feature spoken street names.  For that much money it should say street...


Metal Gear Solid Touch Only $3 For Today And Tomorrow


Trying to squeeze some more cash out of its shooting gallery, Metal Gear Solid Touch is on sale in the App Store for the next two days for only $3.  That’s a whole $5 off the standard price.  While complaints have been abound in regards to the game being unfinished...


iPhone Game Impression: MagnetRox By Spawn Studios (video)

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For some reason puzzle games have never been able to hold my attention for very long.  Maybe they just took a back seat to the more action oriented games I always ended up playing instead.  Whatever the case may have been, I recently had the opportunity to try out MagnetRox...