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angry birds friends

Angry Birds Friends Available on iOS and Android

Another Angry Birds game for your mobile to get addicted to? Yup, and this new version is called Angry Birds Friends that is very similar to its Facebook counterpart. Think of it as the traditional Angry Birds game but with social aspects built in. But it’s still the same type...

Angry Birds Slingshot

Angry Birds Slingshot (video)


Word is that you crazy folks collectively play Angry Birds 300 million minutes a day.  Talk about a productivity suck!  And lets not forget the health implications of all that sitting around. Though Mbed’s intentions are anything but saving you from a heart attacl as the result of a sedentary lifestyle, that...

Angry Birds Speakers

Angry Birds Speaker Helmet Pig


We must have been fooling ourselves when we thought the Angry Birds phenomenon had finally subsided.  The game, which originally exploded to popularity on Apple’s iOS platform, has been repurposed as a movie, a board game, an iPhone case and probably a variety of other products that we’d rather just not know about. So...

Angry Birds iPhone Case

Angry Birds iPhone Case

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Love or hate ’em, Angry Birds has burned its way into pretty much every facet of our society.  We’ve seen the Angry Birds board game, the Angry Birds inspired movie, and of course the Angry Birds video games that come in a variety of holiday flavors. And unlike other popular...

Angry Birds Board Game

Angry Birds Board Game Now Available

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We were kind of left wondering how the Angry Birds board game would play out.  But now, thanks to ThinkGeek, we’ve got all the answers we need.  First off it costs $23.99, before shipping costs that is.  Unlike the iPhone game it includes a finite amount of game pieces, so...

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