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HTC One Comparison

HTC One Comparison: S vs X vs V vs Evo 4G LTE


Update: Checkout our HTC One S review. HTC has made a dramatic change in its business model for smartphones. Instead of releasing 1-2 dozen phones a year, the company will build several key phones and stick to them. The first is the One series, three phones that all are uniquely...

Logitech Tablet Keyboard

Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad Review


I think tablet keyboards are, in many respects, the future. Not necessarily because laptops are going away, but perhaps because the idea of having a laptop and a tablet is growing increasingly unnecessary. In my own everyday life I know that there is almost no reason for me to own...


iPhone 4S vs. Lumia 900


Windows Phone 7 may be lagging behind both iOS and Android, but both Microsoft and Nokia have a lot riding on the Finnish company’s latest devices, especially their flagship Lumia 900. It’s big, imposing, and the two giant companies, along with US exclusive carrier AT&T, are going to do everything...


Aviiq Ready Clips


So there you are.  Minding your own business when you realize that your smartphone’s battery is about to kick the bucket.  Needless to say you should have charged it last night.  And if you’re not smart enough, or perhaps in this case clairvoyant enough to realize you should have charged...


HTC One S Release Date and Price Announced for T-Mobile

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Update: Checkout our HTC One S review. T-Mobile today announced that the HTC One S will be available at T-Mobile stores and online on April 25th for $199.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate.  This will be the company’s first Android 4.0 smartphone. T-Mobile and HTC are pinning it at a revolutionary device, at...

Padfone vs. iPadiPhone

ASUS Padfone vs. Apple iPad and iPhone 4S (comparison)


We all want to have the latest gadgets, and nowadays that means tablets and smartphones. But having both is tough. Both are expensive and fairly similar in use and design. Tablets are better for viewing media, playing games and for video chat. Smartphones are better for calls (obviously), typed communications...

Motorola Xyboard 8.2

Motorola Xyboard 8.2 Review


Tablets these days come in all shapes and sizes, from phone/tablets that are 5″ to 12″ screens from the far east, bigger than some soon to be forgotten netbooks. But 8.2″ isn’t a familiar one. In fact, that size is unique in that it’s larger than today’s smaller tablets but...