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best free weather apps for android

6 Best Free Weather Apps for Android


The weather is absolutely nuts out there, and it seems as though at any moment it can rain, snow or be a clear day. The best way to check the weather is with a handy weather app on your Android device, and even better way is with free weather apps...

best budget apps

6 of the Best Budget Apps for Android


Keeping a budget can be tough, and sometimes that means that a bill or two might be forgotten once in awhile. It used to be that people would have to physically keep a list of their monthly expenses in their wallets as a reminder of what bills had to be...

adobe lightroom mobile

Adobe Lightroom Mobile Hits Android Phones


Adobe has announced the release of Adobe Lightroom mobile for Android phones today, bringing the ability to review and edit images on your Android device. You’ll be able to edit raw files from DSLR cameras using Smart Previews, edit images from your Android’s gallery, and enhance images using familiar Lightroom...

best android music apps

10 of the Best Android Apps For Music

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Music is an important part of life, and now that we all have smartphones, music is just a tap away. In fact, we have more access to free music than we ever have before, and it’s all thanks to our trusty Android devices. There are thousands upon thousands of music...

Clean Master

10 of the Best Free Android Apps


Finding the right Android app can be a difficult task as there are literally over a million apps in the Google Play Store.  And many of them come with a price tag, as well as in-app purchases. So, if you’re hunting for some free apps to install on your device...

android twitter apps

6 of the Best Twitter Apps For Android


If you’re a socialite, or just bored often, Twitter is an app you use often. But the official Twitter app for Android is very limited in its features and crashes often. I’m here to tell you that there are much better Twitter apps for Android. Some are free, while others cost...

best android apps

10 of the Best Android Apps

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Let me preface this list with a little tidbit of information about myself: I’m ALWAYS looking for cool new Android apps for both my phone (a Droid Maxx) and my tablet (a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4). I love apps. Apps, apps, and more apps. There are literally thousands upon thousands of...