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Myo 2

Myo Muscle-Sensing Armband Hitting Amazon Soon


A while back we introduced you to Myo, the muscle-sensing gesture control armband that uses numerous sensors that can translate a person’s hand movements to gestures that can control their phone, TV and computer – all without having to actually touch any of the things. That introduction was back in 2013, and...

Chewbacca hoodie

Star Wars Chewbacca Hoodie Mask Zip


There’s no such thing as overboard when it comes to Star Wars memorabilia, so regardless of how nerdy you look wearing it, the Star Wars Chewbacca Hoodie Mask Zip is a must-have for any Star Wars fan.  There are plenty of Chewbacca hoodies out there, like the reversible hoodie that allows you to...

amazon fire phone 2

Amazon Fire Phone 2 Coming in 2016?


Amazon is a resilient bunch, aren’t they? According to a report by VentureBeat, the company is already developing an Amazon Fire Phone 2, even though the sales of the Amazon Fire Phone were and are still abysmal. The company has apparently been planning another handset for quite some time, but...


Skybell Gets An Upgrade, 2.0 Adds New Features


The great thing about crowdsourcing products is that once it gets shipped, you get an even more awesome product that what was described since the company has worked out all the kinks! Last summer saw the launch of the highly popular Skybell, with the Indigogo campaign raising $100,000 in the...


Amazon Has The Best Deal On Gift Cards You’ll Ever Find


Granted that giving a gift card is roughly as creative as just stuffing cash in someone’s shirt pocket. But for those times when you need a quick, simple gift for somebody you don’t know very well, or somebody who’s given you the same book three times, they make a useful...

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is Literally The Coolest Device Ever


How many times a day do you take out your smartphone to “Google” something? If you’re like me, it’s at least two or three times per day. But what if you could just ask a question aloud, and in an instant have a response? Enter Amazon Echo, an intuitive device...

Fire TV Stick Hero

Amazon Fire TV Stick Costs $39, Aims to Compete with the Chromecast and Roku TV


The Chromecast rocked.  Noticed my use of past tense?  Why?  My Chromecast is barely useable now.  Perhaps it’s only fair to say that my home’s WiFi may be responsible.  However, no other wireless products in my home struggle like the Chromecast.  That in mind, videos are slow to load and...

Amazon Fire Phone

It’s Official: Amazon Fire Phone is a Flop, Writing Off $170,000,000


The Fire phone.  Amazon’s Fire phone to be more specific.  It was virtually doomed from the beginning.  But there were likely naysayers, large in part because of the success of Amazon’s tablets, the Fire Tablets.  However, the Fire Tablets have a zero contract requirement and cost next to nothing compared...


Your Fingers Are Your Keys With The iFingerLock


Never worry about losing your gym lock’s keys or having to wear them on your shorts with a safety pin when you have the iFingerLock Fingerprint Biometric Padlock in your gym bag. To open the lock, just slide your finger and it automatically unlocks. No more stolen, forgotten or lost...


Smart Food Scale Lets Your See Your Food’s Nutritional Value


Do you really know the nutritional value of everything you put in your mouth? Probably not, which is why if you do, you need to get the Smart Food Scale Prep Pad ($149). You’ll be able to visualize just how good your food is for your new goal of trying...


Sleep Anywhere Comfortably With The Camo-O-Bunk Portable Cot (video)


You’ll have no problem sleeping under the open stars on your next camping trip when you have the Camo-O-Bunk Portable Cot from Disco-O-Bed handy! The portable bunk is super cool not only because it’s portable and can literally go anywhere you do, but it’s also modular and durable so you...