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A Daredevil In A Wingsuit Buzzed The Ground


Wingsuits, as we’ve mentioned before, are just awesome. But they’re also incredibly dangerous and should only be used by experts who are trained in safety and proper use. Of course, once you do that, you can screw around all you want, like Brian Drake. Wingsuits For Glory This starts in...


Low-Budget Bullet-Time Rig Take Beautiful, Flawed Footage (Video)


Slow motion, and bullet-time, are actually useful scientific tools. While we know them mostly as dramatic cinematography, the ideas and concepts are great for scientific analysis. Also, it looks cool, which is why a NASA engineer and his buddy built a low-budget version for an expensive camera. Visual Acuity Here’s...

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Volvo Has Just Created The Future Of The Electric Car

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Volvo has a reputation for building tanks that masquerade as cars. It generally takes emissions standards or a wrecking ball to get a Volvo off the road for good, they’re that reliable. And Volvo seems out to improve that reputation by changing the way electric cars work. The Problem With...