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Brydge+ iPad Keyboard main

Brydge+ iPad Keyboard Review


nscreen keyboards are convenient but at the price of speed and precision when it comes to typing words. So iPad users who want to word process on their tablet can either give up typing at their normal pace, or put up with some keyboard add-on that makes the iPad look...


Cyclops Wireless Keyboard Review

   Adversity makes for a good teacher. In my case, a recent fire in my apt building has forced me into temporary housing where my Mac Pro is my only solid companion. But today I learned that the restoration company wants to take away my wired keyboard and mouse in...

Snap Skateboard

Snap Skateboard


We’d take great heed in riding any board that can fold up.  Would you ride a foldable surfboard, boogie boards, skim board, snow board or skateboard? [GR]wqa-0bN7w_A[/GR] The Snap Skateboard is constructed of 6061-T6, high grade aluminum and outfitted with 56mm premium wheels with ABEC 7 bearings.  But that’s hardly the mainstay...

Exovault aluminum iPhone case

Exovault Aluminum iPhone Case

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The Exovault aluminum iPhone case is impractical, expensive and adds some significant bulk to the slender and svelte handset.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t want it.  Unfortunately, they don’t make a version for the iPhone 4, but on the upside all you iPhone 3Gs users can now feel a...


Thanko Notebook Tripod Stand Adapter


What could be cool for musicians performing live with laptops, the Thanko Notebook Tripod Stand Adapter looks a bit suspect.  With that said, Thanko is only actually selling the aluminum adapter plate that you can affix to any standard tripod. I can’t speak to the security of this adapter, but...