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iHome Intros The iH24S Flip Back Alarm Clock


When it comes to announcing new products lately, iHome has been pretty mum.  Set for release in May for $60, the iH24S is a travel alarm clock that features an iPod dock and a ‘flip back’ that doubles as a sheath for the face of the device and a stand...


Mr. Bump Alarm Clock: Cocaine Not Inlcuded


It seems like just about every company wants to make a crazy clock these days.  This one follows the theme of being mad at having to wake up and deactivates by being thrown against a wall.  Embracing the children’s book Mr. Men by  Roger Hargreaves, Mr. Bump will likely have...


Space Invaders Alarm Clock

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Sure, we’ve already had our tid bit of nostalgia for the day, but here’s a little more, albeit in the form of an alarm clock.  Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play the actual game on the Space Invaders Alarm Clock, but at least you’ll wake to the noises of...


What In The Gun O’ Clock Time Is It


Welcome to the wild, wild bed side. Set the Gun O’ Clock to easy and it will take one bulls eye to shut her down. Need a more sobering challenge? Set ‘er to hard and nail the bulls eye 5 times for RIP. It’s not the first gun alarm clock...


Logitech Announces New iPod Alarm Clock: Pure-Fi Anytime


By now, everyone knows that the key to an Apple fan’s heart is through design and functionality, hence Logitech’s latest iPod alarm clock.  The Pure-Fi Anytime features a recessed dock to protect your iPod from that heavy handed snoozer, an AM/FM tuner, dual alarms and a motion-activated backlit display and...


iLuv Intros Dual Dock Alarm Clock: iMM173


Talk about an optimal bedside alarm clock!  The iLuv iMM173 features two docks for either 2 iPhones (accepts 3G and Edge) an iPhone and an iPod – you get the idea.  It’s totally Apple certified so that should mean no GSM signal interference when you’re in a deep sleep or...