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Farmland Alarm Clock

Farm Land Alarm Clock


Farmville has grown to an astronomical level.  So, if you’ve got that someone special in your life that is obsessed with the Facebook game, you might wanna get them the Farmland Alarm Clock this holiday season. It has no connection with the game, with the exception that it uses farm...

Tocky Alarm Clock

Tocky Alarm Clocks Runs A Muck Until You Shut It Down


Meet Clocky‘s brother, Tocky.  And just like it’s sibling it will leap from your nightstand and roll around on your bedroom floor until you chase it down and turn off the audible alarm.   You can program it with your favorite MP3 tune or record any voice or noise using the...

Pole Dancer Alarm Clock

Pole Dancer Alarm Clock


Waking up to a lap dance would surely get your day off to fantastically fun start.  But if for some reason you can’t afford that daily service the Pole Dancer Alarm Clock should run a healthy second.  Just set the time and alarm on the digital display and you’ll be...


Buddy Radio Concept Tweets Your Grandmother’s Mood


This is a concept that, while initially odd-sounding, could prove really beneficial. The Buddy Radio is an alarm clock for seniors that, while styled like a million old-fashioned clocks before it, updates family members about the person’s well-being via social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The UK’s Sidekick Studios came...

Radio Front

Moshi’s New Voice Controlled Alarm Clock Radio


Moshi has just announced their newest iteration of their Voice Activated Alarm Clock, which now offers a more streamlined bedside digital clock radio.  With all the features of the original including setting time and asking for the time, it now includes a radio that can be activated just by speaking...

iHome iA5

iHome iA5 App-Enhanced Alarm Clock Speaker Dock


There’s certainly no shortage of bed side iPhone alarm clocks.  Trailing on the coat tails of iLuv’s App Station is iHome’s iA5 app enhanced alarm clock speaker.  Much like other iPhone alarm clocks you can wake to your iPhone’s media, charge the handset, plug in any device via a 3.5mm...

Twist Alarm Clock

Twist Alarm Clock Wakes You With Math


The best way for me to wake up in the morning is to scroll through my emails.  It engages my brain, gets me reading and reminds me of all the things I need to do.  If email is the last thing you want to look at upon opening your eyes,...

lego-alarm clocks

Giant Lego Star Wars Figurine Alarm Clock

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As we stated many times before there is no end in sight to the Star Wars paraphernalia, even 30+ after the first movie came out.  What we’ve got here are over sized (8-inches) Star Wars Lego figurines with an alarm clock packed inside their chest....

Tuna Alarm Clock

Tuna Can Alarm Clock

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If you enjoy the sensation of cracking open a fresh can of beer, then you might be a sucker for the Digital Clock in a Tuna Can.  Unfortunately, I think the can opening part is limited to a simple novelty effect (it doesn’t snooze the alarm clock), but perhaps there...