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GBuzz Is An Alarm Clock That Makes Sense


Of all the devices threatened by the rise of the smartphone, none has taken it harder on the chin than the humble alarm clock. Once a fixture of nightstands everywhere, the alarm clock is increasingly an endangered species. That’s something G-Project wants to address, with the smartly designed GBuzz. Cause...

wood alarm clock

This Wooden Alarm Clock Will Definitely Wake You Up


The alarm clock is an unfortunate, but necessary, addition to our lives, especially if we want to get to work on time. Fortunately, though, if we have to put up with an alarm clock, we can at least get one that’s a little more stylish than the usual plastic. Wooden...


The Xronos Clock Allows You To Customize It


Alarm clocks can be very boring. Even though their primary function is to get you up, many wouldn’t mind if their were more dressed up. This is where the Xronos Clock comes into play. Definitely not your average alarm clock, the Xronos is an open source  hackable and customizable device that’s...

JDCD Wood Alarm Clock

iPhone Wooden Bedside Alarm Clock


For many the smartphone has replaced the standard bedside alarm clock.  But for those of you that still want the old world charm of a classic, wood finished flip clock, look no further than the Jonas Damon’s Alarm Dock. Okay, so it’s effectively a piece of Beech Wood designed to...


Chumby One Review

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[rating:4/5] Pros: Easy to setup and use Vast array of apps that fulfills almost any bedside need Bright screen, loud alarm and USB input and headphone jack Cons: Pandora sometimes stutters during playback Touchscreen is not capacitive Video plays at an unwatchable frame rate At first glance the Chumby can probably best be described...