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AK47 Vodka Bottle

AK-47 Vodka Bottle


It may seem too blissful to be true, but we actually found the perfect, and we mean P-E-R-F-E-C-T complement to the AK-47 ice cube tray.  We’re not kidding, it really is the ultimate match.  What is it?  An AK-47 Vodka Bottle!  It doesn’t get more fitting than that, does it?...


Top 10 Badass LEGO Guns (video)


Who would have thought a child’s toy like LEGOs can become a deadly weapon? Well not deadly, but they can sure cause some serious bruising and can definitely take out an eye if not careful.  For master builders, a pack of LEGOS can become virtually anything and some have even...

Ak 47 Ice Cube Tray-1

AK-47 Ice Cube Tray

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If you’ve seen the movie “Most Wanted”, or the show “Mythbusters” then you probably know that the Ice Bullet, as an actual effective piece of ammunition, is purely myth. “Most Wanted,” is clearly a fictional movie that stars Keenen Wayans and Jon Voight, so enough said there.  And Mythbusters, well, they just...