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SkyRunner Is The Ultimate Recreational Sports Vehicle (video)

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Get ready to head out on the open road (and air) for lots of adventures when you’re riding around in the SkyRunner! Part all-terrain buggy, part light-aircraft, the recreational sports vehicle features an aggressive design fused with sporty looks and is fitted with thoroughbred aviation technology. Thanks to its lightweight...


Aeroscraft Brings Back The Blimp

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The rigid-frame airship went down in flames as a method of transport back in the 1930s. Literally: The Hindenberg disaster ensured that nobody would get on a blimp except to film a baseball game for years. Now, though, Aeroscraft is on the verge of making the airship economically viable. A...


Mini HoverDrone Is A Super Tiny R/C Aircraft (video)


ThinkGeek’s Mini HoverDrone is an awesome flying device, powered by a single propeller, that fits in your hand, and will hopefully convince the neighbors there’s UFOs outside. A Blue LED flashes while it hovers throughout the air through an easily controlled remote. A ten minute charge time gets you five...


Boeing Unveils Phantom Ray Unmanned Aircraft


Boeing recently unveiled (or disclosed, if you want to put it that way) their latest invention, the Phantom Ray. The Ray is a remote-controlled stealth aircraft that’s got some seriously impressive specs. Intended for “intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance,” the Phantom Ray is 36 feet from wingspan to wingspan, and the...