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HP Chromebook 14 only $200, Cheap Samsung Lens Camera, Fellowes Air Purifiers sale

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Just need a laptop to check Facebook, listen to music, and word process? The $200 HP Chromebook 14 we found today might suit your needs perfectly. It’s the lowest price we’ve seen on the model by almost a hundred dollars. For those who like good picture quality and the ability...


Honeywell HHT-145 HEPAClean Germ Reducing Air Purifier Review


I desperately try to avoid cliches, at least at the beginning of reviews.  However, there are times when they’re justifiably called for.  That being said, the Honeywell HHT-145 HEPAClean is the Cadillac of air purifiers. It’s jam packed with features that include a 1-18 hour timer, a UV light for destroying dust...

Filterless Air Purifier

Filterless Air Cleaner Rocks The Clean Air


The Japanese are always ahead of us in terms of health technology. They have to be, in order to sustain their work hours – and while that part of their lives is not enviable, the veritable omnipresence of negative ion generating gadgets in their workplaces is. Negative ions have long...

Botanical Air Purifier

Botanical Air Purifier: A Plant Powered Air Cleanser


If you’re looking at one of these than the EPAs standards still aren’t up to snuff for you and your family.  But hey, like my Mom says, “better safe than sorry”.  So what’s this 2001 Space Odyssey contraption do?  By using the plants natural ability to filter toxins, combined with...