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Flash for Android

How to Install Flash on Android

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One of the biggest — and in my opinion, the only REAL issue with owning an Android device — is the fact that Adobe Flash Player isn’t standard on devices. In fact, you have to manually install Flash Player on your Android to get Flash Player to work. If you...


Tutorial: Get Flash On Your iPhone Or iPad In 4 Easy Steps


Back in July we showed you a basic version of Flash running on an iPad, and now we’ve got an even better version called Frash that runs on both the jailbroken iPad and iPhone 3GS/4. The original installation instructions were somewhat complicated, but a new installer reduces them to four...


Tutorial: Flash For The (Jailbroken) iPad Is Here (video)


Yeah, you read that right. Flash on the iPad. Steve Jobs just murdered someone with his mind, he’s so angry. A very clever hacker group called Comex has enabled a rudimentary version of flash on Steve’s tablet — right now, you can play games and see ads, no videos, but...