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Samsung Series 9 SB971

Samsung Introduces Premium Series 9 SB971 Monitor


Is there really a market for $1000+ monitors that are not 4K. Apparently so. We reviewed one such marvel just a few months back. While it was all that it purported to be–99% Adobe RGB, pitch perfect color accuracy 1440p native display resolutions and such–it high priced high-priced nibble that...

Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Touch


Adobe is kicking things up a notch on the iPad 2 with the launch of Photoshop Touch.  It’s a more robust version of the original Photoshop app for the iPad, yet still remains very watered down compared to the Mac or PC version.  That said, it still looks to be...


The Final Flash 10.1 Android Player Is Here


Adobe announced today that its final release of Flash 10.1 for Android is now available via the Android Marketplace for phones running Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’. This release is a big part of Adobe’s strategy for getting Flash to mobiles — other mobile OS’s will be getting support in the coming...


Adobe Officially Launches Flash 10.1, Batteries Sigh In Relief


After months of anticipation and beta releases, Adobe’s Flash 10.1 is finally here for Windows, Mac, and Linux. (Flash for smartphones is also being rolled out soon.) 10.1’s release is a fairly large deal when it comes to laptops (and more specifically, netbooks), since its hardware decoding feature promises to...

See Flash On A Nexus One…Crash (video)


[GR]0y7XJI4NN7k[/GR] The Adobe flash debate wages on.  Is it a practical technology for mobile devices to deliver an immersive experience or just a battery suck that can be replaced by the more efficient and Jobs’ favorite, HTML5? Ryan Stewart, a Flash evangelist, showed off Flash working on the Nexus One...


Apple & Adobe To Make iPhone Flash Lovechild A Reality


As most of us should know, it takes Flash programming to bring many of our favorite websites to life. So it's no surprise to iPhone users, that right now, the iPhone doesn't support Flash in its Safari browser. That should soon change. Adobe, the creators of Flash,...