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RIDE Official Release Date Announced, Price Still Unknown


Contrary to just about every video game retailer’s pre-order page, including Amazon, Tony Hawk and Activision’s latest skateboard game RIDE will officially arrive on November 17th.  I’m still hoping the $120 price tag will remain in effect, or less, for tis it is not a holiday shopping season to be...


DJ Hero Renegade Edition Announced


At this point it’s pretty clear that Activision has plans to go big this holiday, and by big I mean hefty price tags.  First they outed the Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 2 that will cost $150 and now they’ve got plans for a collector’s edition DJ Hero bundle that...


Call Of Duty: World At War Map Pack 3 Coming In August


Wow, Treyarch is really making good on the DLC tip for Call Of Duty: World At War with its third installment coming sometime this August.  Modern Warfare only had one sort of cool map pack.  What the deal with that?  While I heard that not many people were playing the...


New Guitar Hero 5 Controller Goes Digital


When Guitar Hero 5 rampages through stores this September, consumers will also have a chance to buy a new more “metal” looking guitar controller.  The new controller will feature an all digital slider control to help reduce latency.  Other improvements include:  colored dots along the top of the neck so...


Scratch Ultimate DJ Controller Pic Surfaces


In and out of the courtroom, the race to the DJ simulation game is going to be a hectic battle.  The above pic of the “ScratchDeck” looks quite different than the DJ Hero controller and was designed by longtime industry stalwarts Numark.  No word yet on pricing or exact release...


Gadget Leak: DJ Hero Controller Caught In TV Promo


By now we’re all starved for DJ Hero information.  Pics of the device associated with the game surfaced earlier this month, but we now know that didn’t show off the complete package thanks to a promo video for GameTrailer TV’s upcoming ‘first look’ at E3 set to air this Thursday. ...


DJ Hero Controller Pic Surfaces And More “Hero” Games Announced For E3


With recent court drama surrounding Activison’s shady acquisition tactics involving Genius Products and Numark, a new DJ Hero controller picture has emerged.  Looking less cool but more realistic than previous pictures, will only three buttons be enough?  In additional Activision news, DJ Hero won’t be the only “Hero” game released...


Activision Sued Over DJ Hero

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Haha!  In a world of dirtbags, backstabbers and cutthroats, this recent legal dispute between Activision and Genius products and Numark only seems fitting.  Claiming “Game Espionage”, Numark and Genius cite Activision for attempting to sabotage their game “Scratch: Ultimate DJ” through shady acquisition tactics.  Allegedly, Activison tried to buy Scratch...