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The iQ5 Microphone Gives Your iPhone Videos Better Sound


More than ever, we’re recording video with our iPhones, but that creates a problem; the iPhone’s microphones are tiny and designed for close-up conversation, not broad, expansive videos. The iQ5 looks to change that with a microphone that will record expansive audio, even if you’ve got your iPhone tilted to...


iPin Laser Puts A Laser In Your iPhone’s Headphone Jack


There are many, many accessories for your iPhone, ranging from the clumsy cash-in to the elegantly designed solution to make your phone that much better. As you might have gathered, the iPin serves as an example of the latter. A Laser For All Seasons First of all, yes, as you...

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Google Glass Gets A Slight Upgrade, Lots Of Accessories


Google is on the verge of trying to sell consumers Google Glass. How that will go is up for debate: I’m personally in the camp that Google will sell millions of pairs to private industry, and barely any to consumers. But either way, Glass got redesigned, and got some fancy...


HTC Announces the Desire 601 and 300 Midranges Smartphones


Not unlike their fierce rival at Samsung, the slow circuitous return to greatness for HTC is paved with not just “One” stellar Android offering–but several. Similar to the competition, HTC is hitting mobile consumers of all types. The HTC One we reviewed a few months is chiefly the flagship and...


Luxi Turns Your iPhone Into A Light Meter


Any respectable photographer owns and uses an incident light meter. An incident light meter generally tells you exactly how much light is actually falling on your subject in a given shot, so if you’re looking to capture a specific effect, you’ll be able to know if you’ve got the right...


The Kii Puts An iPhone Charger On Your Keychain


  The keychain is a useful place to keep tools of all sorts. I happen to have a multitool, a bottle-opener/belt-hook, a pen, and a titanium wrench/pry-bar combo, because I am an enormous nerd and, sadly, I have occasion to use all of that crap on at least a weekly...

G-Form G90 case

G-Form G90 Case Turns Smartphone Into Sports Action Camera


[GR]1UsGrPwlgZI[/GR] More companies are embracing the camera found on everyday mobile devices, in quite literal ways. G-Form, savants of sport protection in a myriad of forms, is very much one of these companies. They make protective padding, sleeves for laptops, and premium rugged mobile device cases for iOS and Android...