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PowerPole Powers Your GoPro… And Anything Else


There’s nothing worse, when you’re trying to film something, than the power dying. Dead batteries are a plague upon the house of anyone who is trying to get, well, anything shot and edited, but it’s especially tough when you’re roughing it far away from any outlet. And that’s where the...


A Redesigned Typo 2 Case for iPhone Up For Pre-orders


Remember the Typo cover which was released for the iPhone 5/5S last year? The accessory managed to grab a lot of attention since it’s was founded by Ryan Seacrest, and even came under a lot of scrutiny as well after getting sued by Blackberry for patent infringement. Now, the creators...


Reminder: Google Glass Is Available Tomorrow…Sort Of


Google Glass is arguably one of the more controversial items of technology out there, and if nothing else, it’s definitely exclusive. And you might just be able to get your crack at one tomorrow, provided you’re quick on the draw. Glass Menagerie Google Glass is, of course, Google’s attempt to...

GoPro HeadStrap QuickClip Climbing

10 Must Have GoPro Camera Accessories (list)


GoPro has become a must-have camera for anyone involved in extreme action sports, and those who want to shoot high quality video on a limited budget. The company’s YouTube channel currently has over 1.5 million subscribers and over 600 videos, not counting all the user-contributed videos made with GoPro cameras....

aime 1

AIMe Will Be Your More Discreet Robotic Cameraman


Increasingly, robotic cameramen are becoming commonplace. And with reason; the ability to film more dynamic shots with a minimum of crew is highly appealing to those with limited budgets or friends who have day jobs. And now the Aime is coming to help the crewless out. Point, Swivel, and Shoot...


Sparkbeats Is The iPhone 5S Case To Light Up Your Life


Many people, these days, use their iPhone as their point-and-shoot snapshot camera. And that’s a great use for it, actually; Apple has been slowly adding features, such as a flash, to make your snapshots slightly better. But a tiny LED, no matter how powerful, is never going to be as...