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FlatWave main

FlatWave Mini Indoor HD Antenna Review


he advent of cable had people applauding when it first appeared some 20+ years ago: after all, now a home that couldn’t get any TV reception from an antenna could finally watch broadcast channels like ABC, NBC and CBS. But in a case of “be careful what you wish for,”...


DB8e Ultra Long Range Outdoor DTV Antenna Review


A lot of people have come to terms with paying for TV — as in having a subscription service for a cable box or satellite.  But free TV — high-definition –only requires a competent antenna, because digital technology means you either get a picture or you don’t. But what if...

Sky HDTV Antenna in attic

mohu Sky HDTV Antenna Review


Having a TV antenna was once a requirement for watching television — pictures of houses in the 1950’s had vertical poles reaching up to the sky almost without exception. Today the main purpose of an antenna has been watered down, thanks to cable TV boxes and satellite receivers. However there...


Elgato EyeTv Mobile Review


Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have killed a lot of dedicated electronic devices — consider how many stand-alone video cameras are now sold as an example. But to watch TV wherever you are is an area where a portable hand-held TV can still sound like an acceptable purchase. At...

CES 1979, Need I Say More (video)


31 years ago CES was, well, VHS cassettes and cable boxes.  And don’t forget about the TV that printed recipes and the portable camcorder with the massive shoulder mounted recorder.  Ah, nostalgia.  Course, I wasn’t even born yet....


Boxee Now Streaming ABC Online Videos


Just wanted to emphasize from my last post that Boxee is now supporting online videos from ABC. Yup, this means you can watch Lost or any of their shows through Boxee's elegant and efficient user interface....