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Lightor batteries

Lightors: USB Rechargeable Batteries You Need In Your Life

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I know I’m not the only one that hates dealing with batteries. I absolutely hate buying batteries, using batteries, and throwing batteries away. Everything nowadays uses batteries of some sort, but there are still too many devices that use AA or AAA batteries, making the use of those batteries an...


Best Deals Last Week: September 26th (List)


The past week has surely left us with a variety of different sales, with items ranging from games to cameras and TVs some new pre-orders have also come along for the ride. Here’s 10 that made a mark: 10. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX97 Digital Cameras – $279 Here’s a doozy of...


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Autonomous Saucier


Sometimes I get to thinking that Hammacher Schlemmer is the Thanko of people with too much money.  Because they’ve brought out some really weird and overpriced stuff, and they’ll continue that awesome tradition with the Autonomous Saucier. Say that out loud a couple times, let it roll on your tongue....