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Charge Your Smartphone In Just Five Minutes With Zap&Go


No one has time to wait around while their smartphone charges (unless it’s while they sleep). The people at Zap&Go understood this problem and creates a 5 minute charger! As the first supercapacitor-based charger, you can easily have a fully juiced smartphone in no time, which is especially helpful when you’re traveling...


Airlighter Fires Up Your BBQ In Seconds (video)


If you’re a grill master who thinks propane is for wimps and enjoys cooking over traditional charcoals, then you need to toss out your matchsticks and grab yourself a man’s lighter like the Airlighter. The portable air-driven fire lighter looks more like a torch than a lighter, but will fire...

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The iShower Bluetooth Speaker Fills Your Shower With Music

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Singing in the shower is enhanced when you have the iShower Bluetooth Speaker with you. Now you can actually belt your favorite tunes as the original plays in the background while you’re showering. The Bluetooth-enabled speaker is water resistant that will work with most popular Bluetooth devices like smartphones, tablets...

Odoyo Power+Shell EX iPhone 5s Battery Case Review2

Odoyo Power+Shell EX iPhone 5s Battery Case Review

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nother day, another iPhone case.  Well, in truth, another iPhone battery case that is compatible with both the 5 and 5s.  If you ask me, a battery pack for a smartphone is a must have.  And not just for the purpose of charging your phone on the go.  They’re extremely...