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Mantis 9″ Electric Tiller/Cultivator Review


[rating:5/5] The Mantis name has long been synonymous with tillers and cultivators – and while they do make other products (from hedge trimmers to log splitters) it’s easy to see why when people think Mantis, they think tillers.  I know you’re thinking that it’s too late in the year for...

Panasonic Mw-20

Panasonic MW-20 iPhone LCD Photo Frame


Panasonic’s latest digital photo frame, the MW-20, is 9-inch LCD complete with stereo speakers and an iPod dock. Yes, it should work with your iPhone, so you can now rest easy knowing that you can display photos direct from the handset or watch a movie on the high rez screen....


Gadget Leak: Sony P Series Netbook


And the mystery continues.  Remember the Sony P Series Notebook/Netbook that we saw show up on the FCC’s site?  Well, it reared it’s yet to be determined head again on Sony’s shopping site, albeit for a short period of time.  The above pictured notebook is actually an image of the...