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BearExtender Turbo

BearExtender Turbo 802.11ac USB Adapter For Macs Review


We’ve gotten so used to having WiFi that everyone’s forgotten the “Elephant in the room,” namely speed, stability and consistency. What’s the point of having a fast connection if it’s not always there or — worse yet — sluggish and running at less than its full capabilities? Those with one...

bounce WiFi Enhancer.jpg

Mohu Bounce WiFi Enhancer Review


Wireless home networks came into being as much for their convenience as their usefulness: running cables along carpeting and through holes in walls weren’t so appealing. The issue of devices that could access the Internet back then were mostly “set in stone,” being desktops and laptops that don’t change their...

Actiontec mywirelesstv

Actiontec MyWirelessTV Review

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See the title above? It could just as easily be “How easy is this? — because wireless transmission of video signals has never been simpler. For anyone who’s had to deal with early generations of video transmissions at home, MyWirelessTV will knock their socks off. Because what it does it...

Almond Router

Securifi Almond Touchscreen WiFi Router


When’s the last time you changed the password on your home’s wireless router?  Heck, do you even know how to do that?  Most people would probably answer “never and no”, respectively of course.  Wireless routers are pretty common place in most homes these days, but often those that own them...


ZyXEL’s X105N Router Is For Our Non Techie Relatives


Grandmas rejoice! ZyXEL has announced the X105N, a full-fledged 802.11n wireless router that the company touts as requiring “virtually no maintenance or support.” After an easy set up requiring ‘no technical background,’ the router offers 150MBps speeds and one button encryption. I, for one, applaud a company that markets a product...


The World’s Smallest WiFi N Router: Trendnet TEW-654TR


Road warriors listen up: this is the world’s smallest WiFi N compatible router, the Trendnet TEW-654TR.  It measures 2.5″ wide by 3.25″ long by 0.75″ and includes a carrying case with slim Ethernet cord and USB plug for powering it via your computer (AC plug also included).  You can grab...


Xbox 360 Wireless N Networking Adapter To Cost $100, Ouch

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The Xbox 360 might reign supreme in the game department, but from a hardware perspective it stills falls short when compared to the PS3.  You’re probably think I’m talking about Blu-ray, right?  Wrongzo.  I’m talking about the lack of built-in WiFi.  And it now looks like you’re gonna have to...


Logitech’s LAN-W300N/R Wireless Router Measures 23mm Thin


What’s slim, trim, wireless and black all over?  Logitech’s newest router, that’s what.  The LAN-W300N/R provides 802.11n speeds and measures just 23mm wide at its thickest point.  Inside are to internal antennas, 4 Ethernet ports and a set of front facing LED lights.  It’s hitting Japan this August for about...