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neat ice kit

Every Home Bar Needs The Neat Ice Kit


If you like to throw parties and events, then you probably have a well stocked bar and lots of great entertaining gadgets to create the perfect party! You’ll be amazed at how the perfect kind of ice can really make a drink that more refreshing! Throw out any ice cub trays...

Jackery iPhone 5s Battery Case

Jackery Leaf Premium iPhone 5s Battery Case Review


The iPhone 5s’s battery ain’t half bad. In fact, the average user can probably go a whole day and then some without a recharge. Not so, though, for those that chat, text, Instagram, or watch videos on the handheld device. If the case is such, you’ll be scrambling for a...

$80 HTC One

How To Get an HTC One for $80


HTC’s One smartphone is coming to the Google Play store free of bloatware.  However, it will set you back a cool $599, off contract of course.  It’s a hefty premium to pay, especially since you can get the handset from every carrier for $200.  Sure, you’ll have to sign a...