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BF Evergreen Offers Laptop Sans Keyboard And USB 2.0


I’m not sure where to begin with BF Evergreen’s latest ‘laptop’, the 7010A.  The 7-inch touchscreen (800×480) device is more PocketPC than laptop and doesn’t even feature a USB 2.0 port and instead opts for 1.1.  It’s got a Samsung 2440A processor under its hood, runs on Windows CE 5.0...


MIMO 7-inch Display Utilizes USB To Connect To Computer


The MIMO displays come in two flavors: basic and touchscreen with DMB TV tuner. Since the latter costs about twice as much ($147) and includes touchscreen, a feature that probably won’t work with your systems current OS (unless it’s just for the monitors controls), I’d opt for the former, which...


Shuttle D10 Desktop Computer Sports Built-in 7-inch LCD

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This isn’t the first time, and no doubt the last time we’ll see a desktop computer with a built-in LCD.  Sure, the built-in monitor’s application is pretty limited, but it might give you that warm and fuzzy 80s feeling from the days of huge ass portable TVs, remember those?  I...