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Vizio Front

Vizio VMB070 7-Inch Razor LED Portable TV Review

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[Rating: 4/5] Pros: Good quality screen Extremely useful, doubles as digital picture frame Great price Cons: Weak speakers and battery life High chance of becoming obsolete thanks to Tablets Who wants a 7” TV? It’s an odd thing to have on a wish list, to ask for as a holiday...

Viewsonic Viewpad

Viewsonic Viewpad 7 and 10 Now Official


It wasn’t a question of if, but when Viewsonic would debut a tablet computer.  And that day was yesterday. The company, which is primarily known for their computer monitors, released the deets on their 7-inch and 10-inch tablets.  And while they share the same form factor the hardware and even...

T-Mobile galaxy tab

T-Mobile Selling Samsung Galaxy Tab On November 10th


Move over Verizon, because T-Mobile now has first dibs on the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  On November 10th the cell phone carrier will offer the tablet computer for $399.99 after a 2-year contract signing and $50 mail-in-rebate.  That’s the same price as Sprint’s offering, only they’ll offer the Tab two days...


Toshiba’s SmartPad Has All The Ports The iPad Doesn’t


Toshiba’s upcoming SmartPad tablet, like many others, is basing its marketing strategy on what it does do that Apple’s iPad doesn’t. In this case, that’s offering a bevy of ports to view your digital media, and images of the device have been scooped by NotebookItalia that show those ports for...


Toshiba’s Libretto Dual-Screen Tablet Now Available


Back in June we brought you news about Toshiba’s special Libretto tablet, which was a concept that featured a two seven-inch touchscreen design. Well, now that tablet is available with a limited supply for only $1,099.99. Dubbed the W105-L251, specs for the tablet include a Pentium U5400 processor, integrated Intel...


This 7-Inch SmartPad Comes To Us From A German ISP (video)


It’s not very often that you hear of a gadget being created by a German ISP, but here we have the Smartpad from Germany company 1&1 , and it actually looks pretty decent. This 7-inch tablet will be running Android 2.2 once its released, with other specs including WiFi, optional...


Samsung Outs Tablet Computer, Galaxy Tab (update)


Update: Checkout our Samsung Galaxy Tablet review. What do we have here?  Yup, it’s another tablet.  This time it’s from the fine folks at Samsung.  This 7-incher, called the Galaxy Tab, is running Android but is skinned with their Touchwiz UI.  The specs are nonexistent at this point, but rumors...


Acer’s 7-Inch Android Tablet Is Shrouded In Mystery


Acer’s sticking Android on whatever they can find these days. Thanks to Shufflegazine we know that in addition to their smartphones, Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci briefly showed off an upcoming 7-inch Android tablet during a press conference today. Few details are known about the device, but what we do know...


Gadget Rumor: 5 to 7-inch iPad Coming 2011


Why is it that when a new Apple product arrives there are ALWAYS rumors of a smaller or larger sized variant of the device?  Now word has hit that Apple is planning a smaller, 5 to 7-inch iPad to be released as early as the first quarter of 2011.  Have...

Freescale’s 7-inch Tablet Detailed (video)


Freescale is back and this time they’ve given us more deets on their 7-inch tablet.  The form factor has remained the same, but now the company says they’ve adapted the Chromium and Linux OSes to the ARM architecture found under the hood of the 7-inch screen.  As of now it’s...