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Seiki 4k TV

Get a 4K Ultra HD TV For Just $1,500


Historically speaking 4K TVs have cost well north of $10,000.  In fact, most have fetched a price that hovers around $25,000, Sony and LG included. Then news arrived last week that Sony had plans to sell a 55-inch and 65-inch 4K set for $5,000 and $7,000.  Far from bottom of the...


Samsung’s New 65-Inch 3D LED TV Is The Biggest Ever


Samsung isn’t fooling around when it comes to immersive 3D — they just unveiled the UN65C8000, a 65-inch LED television that’s the largest home 3D screen ever. Specs include a 240Hz refresh, built-in Wi-Fi for apps like Hulu and ESPN, two pairs of 3D glasses, a dynamic 8,000,000:1 contrast ratio, Precision...


Mitsubishi Starts Shipping 3D LaserVue TVs


Mitsubishi is finally shipping one of two of their LaserVue TVs.  The 65-incher is going for $7,000 and produces stunning color (twice as much as most sets) in complete 1080 hi-def.  The 73-inch set still doesn’t have a price or ship date, but the 65-inch at $7,000 should prove a...

Mitsubishi Laservue 65-inch DLP TV Price Announced


When Mitsubishi unveiled their Laservue TVs earlier this year the only thing left to wonder was the potentially astronomical price. On Monday the electronics manufacturer made the 65-incher’s price public, $7,000. Unfortunately, they didn’t announce the price of the 73-inch box, which I’m guessing will be almost double, if not...