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Snap 6! Shoots Better iPhone 6 Pictures


Become a professional photographer when you have the Bitplay’s Snap 6! iPhone 6 and 6 Plus camera case. It’s almost as if you’re taking pictures with a traditional camera, which makes it easier to take photos that look like a professional took them. Here’s why all wannabe camera photographers need...


Ematic EGD172 7” Dual-Core Multi-Touch Tablet Review


Android tablets may be commonplace but that doesn’t mean they’re all alike. The reason so many 7” tablets are available is that they cater to the differing needs of the consumer looking to buy them. So what makes the $69.99 Ematic’s EGD172 7” Dual-Core Multi-Touch Tablet stand out? That it...


Fix Your Short Game With The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat


Anyone who’s ever picked up a golf club knows how fun and addicting golf can be. You also know how mind numbingly difficult and frustrating it is. Judging from the club throws and F-bombs, Tiger Woods feels the same way. To ease the frustration, the people at Perfect Pitch Golf...


Microsoft Finally Shows Off Windows Mobiles 6.5 (video)


Finally, and after many months of leaked screenshots, Microsoft officially unveiled Windows Mobile 6.5.  The leaked photos we’ve seen over the last few months are accurate, at least as far as the honey comb UI goes.  Microsoft’s commercial (below) claims ‘improved finger navigation’, ‘do more with photos (I don’t see...