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Aromafork Makes Food More Delicious


Our tastebuds can only recognize five flavors – sweet, sour, salt, biter and umami – but our nose can detect up to a trillion different smells. The Aromafork by Molecule-R wants to include your nose when you eat, making your brain work double to perceive both aromas and tastes to heighten...


Get Your Best ZZZs With The Napwell Mask


As adults, napping is hard to come by and when you do take the time out for a siesta, sometimes you wake up more groggy than when you first napped. That’s where the Napwell mask comes in. The Kickstarter campaign wants to you get the best nap in the world...

HDMX Jam Plus-006

HMDX Jam Plus Speaker Review: $50 Never Sounded So Good


mall, lightweight, and colorful might best describe the JAM Plus speakers from HMDX.  For clarity’s sake, this is the second iteration of the speaker – the first were simply called JAM. So what’s different about the JAM Plus?  Aside from their abundantly bright color choices, the Plus versions stand .5-inches...

JOLT TV Antenna Amplifier

Mohu JOLT TV Antenna Amplifier Review


Over-the-air broadcasts can look as good, if not better, than those provided for by cable/satellite companies. The mohu JOLT TV Antenna Amplifier takes an existing OTA digital antenna and beefs it up to perform at its optimal effectiveness. $59.99 isn’t a lot to pay to get a TV signal...