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Clothing Brand Hugo Boss Intros Smartphone


Riding firmly on Prada’s coattails, Hugo Boss is set to intro a cell phone of their own.  Apparently it’s pretty much the same phone as Prada and features 3G connectivity, GSM and EDGE tri band (900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz), 2.8-inch touchscreen, 5MP camera, microSD card slot, 3 hour...

T-Mobile Launches The Motorola ZN5 Camera Phone


As expected, T-Mobile announced the availability of Motorola’s high rez camera phone today, the ZN5.  It’s rocking a 5 megapixel sensor courtesy of Kodak and includes a built-in xenon flash.   The device will ship with a 1GB memory card and cost $100 after you sign a 2-year and mail-in $250...


Motorola MOTOZINE5 5 Megapixel Camera Phone Launch Date


According to MobileWhack the MOTOZINE5, Motorola’s 5 megapixel camera phone, will launch November 3rd.  No word on price, but we do know that it will sport a 2.4-inch high rez screen, quad-band connectivity (no 3G), EDGE support, WiFi, Bluetooth, SD card slot, 150MB of built-in memory, FM radio, Microsoft Windows...


LG KC910 Does High Megapixels And Touchscreen

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Sporting a whopping 8 megapixels, the LG KC910 could be a stand alone point and shoot, that is assuming it’s sensor is truly up to par with digi cameras (i.e. iPhone 2MP sucks).  Packed into this 14mm phone is also a 3-inch touchscreen, Xenon flash, image stabilizer, Dolby Mobile for...


James Bond’s Newest Cell Phone: C902 Titanium


Sweet, sweet product placement.  The Bond movies have never been shy about it and the last film was so Sony Ericsson it made my head spin.  Could you imagine the iPhone in every Bond scene? I can’t. Sony Ericsson unveiled details about Bond’s newest phone today: The Sony Ericsson C902...