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iPhone Scarf

Stay Warm and Connected With The iPhone Scarf


It’s freezing cold in parts of America right now and there’s no perfect way to stay warm and connected to your digital life with the iPhone Scarf. The fashionable scarf features a touchscreen pocket that’s designed to specifically hold your iPhone so that you don’t have to carry your purse...

lumo lift

Lumo Lift Improves Your Posture


Not many of us stand up straight as we should. Shoulders back, head up should always be how we stand, but many of us get lazy and hunch throughout the day. The Lumo Lift by BodyTech  monitors your upper body posture and empowers you to stand tall and confidant at...


H20-Pal Monitors Your Water Intake (video)


Not sure you’re getting enough water in your system? Don’t worry because the Kickstarter campaign for H2o-Pal is the perfect solution to monitor your water intake to ensure you’re drinking enough. The smart device is mounted to the base of a bottle and works perfectly with your iPhone 4S, 5,...

mytype keyboard

Create An Office On The Go With myType Portable Keyboard


We’re very busy these days and that means the necessity to take your office and work wherever  you go. The Kickstarter campaign for  myType wants to help you mobilize your work with the pocketable Bluetooth keyboard for phones and tablets. The portable and pocketable keyboard comes in very handy when...