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Xperia Z

Xperia Z Goes On Sale Tomorrow at T-Mobile for $99.99


Starting today you can preorder (it ships tomorrow) Sony’s Xperia Z directly from T-Mobile for $99.99.  You’ll of course need to commit to 24 payments for the next 24 months at $20 a piece.  Final price: $579.99. But wait, there is more.  T-Mobile is willing to toss in a Sony...

copia tablet

The Copia Tablet Is A Sub-$100 E-Reader


A sub $100 color e-reader exists, and it’s called the Ocean Reader (we think — the name isn’t final). From the company Copia, it’s an interesting proposition currently shrouded in mystery. How powerful will it be? What e-bookstores will it support? We don’t know. Specs wise, not much is known...


Gadget Rumor: 5 to 7-inch iPad Coming 2011


Why is it that when a new Apple product arrives there are ALWAYS rumors of a smaller or larger sized variant of the device?  Now word has hit that Apple is planning a smaller, 5 to 7-inch iPad to be released as early as the first quarter of 2011.  Have...

Panasonic Me550 and 560 TVs

Panasonic Launches New Portable 5-inch Waterproof TVs, ME550 and ME650


For years, Japan has had small, portable TVs that entertained people on the go way before smartphones, iPods, and tablets even existed. Apparently, they’re popular enough for new models to still be made, as Panasonic recently unveiled two new TVs for consumers. The ME550 and ME650s are 5-inch, 480×272 resolution...


Gadget Leak: Android Based Archos 5 Pricing Detailed

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According to a leaked B&H Photo product page, Archos is set to refresh their Archos 5 Internet Tablet with not only a new, svelter form factor but a brand new OS. The 5-inch touchscreen device’s OS will now be Android.  It will be avaialble in a variety of capacities and...


Samsung Unveils SNE-50K, A 5-inch E-Reader


Although we’ve known for a few months now that Samsung had plans to enter the e-reader game, we didn’t know when the device would emerge.  Today the company made the device official and what was known as the Papyrus has now become the SNE-50K, at least as far as I...


Garmin nuvi 1490T Unveiled, 25% Thinner And Less Filling


Garmin announced their 1490T today, a GPS unit that they claim is 25% thinner than ‘most’ nuvi models.  It sports a 5-inch touchscreen, lane assist, Bluetooth for handsfree calls and free lifetime traffic updates, something we’ve seen in Navigon’s line of GPS units.  They’ve also tossed in lane assist with...