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Psyko Headset

Exclusive: Psyko 5.1 Gaming Headset – $200 After $100 Coupon


Pysko Audio has been kind enough to offer GadgetReview readers an EXCLUSIVE $100 off their 5.1-channel gaming headset.  That’s $299.99 – $100 coupon (GADGETREVIEW) = $199.99 = S&H!   Don’t be fooled.  The Psyko Gaming Headset doesn’t use DSP to emulate 5.1-channel surround sound.  It uses 5 speakers just like...

Logitech Z506 Speakers

Logitech’s Z506 Speakers Do 5.1 Surround For Under $100


Logitech’s got somewhat of a bargain on their hands with the new Z506 5.1-channel Speaker System, aimed primarily at gamers on budgets. For $99, you’ll get a 75 watt system, with the satellite speakers receiving 48 watts per channel and the subwoofer doing 27 watts with a downfiring style (that...

Sony Home Theater In Box 2010

Sony Unleashes Affordable 3D Home Theater Systems


With all these new 3D HDTVs hitting stores, you’ll definitely need a sweet sound set-up to get the full theater experience, and now Sony’s got you covered with three new systems. The fanciest, the HT-SF470 5.1 speaker setup, is 3D-capable (though I’m not sure how that’s any different than 2-D...


ASUS Cine5 Surround Sound Bar


Praise the gods of ASUS!  Having never wanted to say that, ASUS brings us their new surround sound bar named the Cine5.  Boasting an accurate surround sound experience, the Cine5 speaker is just under 15 inches long and packs 5 speakers with 28 watts of maximum amp’age. All 5.1 inputs...

Razer Chimaera Professional Gaming Headset for Xbox 360

Razer Chimaera Professional Gaming Headset For Xbox 360


In addition, or to compliment to the Onza Controller, Razer also has plans for a wireless headset built specifically for the Xbox 360, the Chimarea.  It incorporates 5.1-channel virtually surround sound and a daisy-chain solution that lets players, who are residing in the same physical location, to created a private...