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Soda Can Spy Camera Makes Me Thirsty For Snooping


While it might be a bit suspect that you have a full can of Diet A&W root beer on your counter, the babysitter or gardener will never know that you’re recording their every move, that is until they go and try to drink the refreshing beverage.  Jammed inside this spy...


Phallic 4GB Elephant Flash Drive To Hump Your Computer


We’ve seen our fair share of cool USB flash drives, but none so phallic and perhaps anatomically correct as the 4GB USB Flash Elephant Drive.  To make matters worse, and I don’t think this was the manufactures’ intention, it’s part of the ‘bone collection’, whatever that is.  It’s $30 and...


Antares’ KPMP316 Sports MP3 Player Are Earbuds


Small, tiny and light weight are all necessary components for a successful MP3 player. Antares’ KPMP316 Sports MP3 player embodies all of these qualities and is available in 3 sizes (1GB, 2GB and 4GB) and two colors (blue or yellow). The right ear bud contains the player’s controls and a...


Sony Announces Simpleton E-Series Walkman


Sony has just introduced a new E-series Walkman MP3 player and based on appearance and lack of functionality it looks like it will remain in Japan.  Available in 3 sizes 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB and 10 different colors, the E-series also features an FM radio and interchangeable front panels and...


Secret USB Flash Drive Watch


The Secret USB Flash Drive Watch is more about convenience than stealth. Why so? USB flash drives are small enough that they can be 'jammed' just about any where. The storage is a desirable 4GB, while the price makes it a less attractive proposition at $50....

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