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4th Gen iPhone To Go On Sale Early June


News hit today the the next gen iPhone will arrive early June.  So hopefully that means that Jobs will complete his keynote on June 7th and that same Friday (6/11), when the iPhone have typically become available, it will go on sale.  Here’s hoping. Read...

White 4G iPhone

White 4G iPhone Leaked…Maybe


We’ve sort of been avoiding the iPhone rumors in recent since there seems to be a flood of them.  The latest one to emerge is the supposed existence of a white 4G iPhone.  Pictures of a white face plate were popping up all over the webosphere last week, but until...

4th iPhone number 3

Another 4th Gen iPhone Leaked? (video)


Has Apple managed to lose yet another 4th gen iPhone?  According to this video the answer is ‘yes’.  Aesthetically it looks to be a match to the one Gizmodo scored last month.  As you’ll notice they don’t boot the phone to a working screen.  Instead an image of a fireball...

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Another 4G iPhone Emerges


As it turns out, that leaked/lost iPhone that we saw yesterday may not be the only one floating around out there.  A Chinese twitter account posted photos of a similar device – in fact the form factor is exactly the same – only, as you can see, it lacks the...