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3M Privacy Filter for iPad Review


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 3M Company. All opinions are 100% mine. When it comes to visual privacy, 3M has a solution: The Easy-On Privacy Filter, which is designed to keep people from prying into your business when you are out in public. We got...

3M Paint Defender

3M Paint Defender System Protects Your Car’s Paint


As much as you’d like to protect your car’s glossy paint job from scratches, bird droppings, dirt, grime and more, it’s sort of impossible to save it from all the elements…until now! You’ll be able to protect your car’s paint cost when using 3M’s Paint Defender System. Not only is...

3M CP45

3M CP45 Projector Camcorder


Earlier this year Cisco killed the Flip.  After all, all it could do was record HD video, and not any better than a smartphone.  So it’s relatively safe to assume that category of device is all together extinct, right?  Wrong.  Today, 3M released the CP45. This pocket friendly device combines...


3M Filtrete Water Station


Anyone with taste-buds can appreciate the difference in quality between unfiltered tap water and filtered. The problem with most filters is how slowly the water passes through them. It’s a drip-drip process that will make you forget that you wanted some water in the first place – or – if...

3m Mpro150 Pocket Projector - 1

3M MPro150 Pocket Projector Review


Is there a practical application to the portable projector? You bet your ass there is. But it all depends on who you are and what you’re doing. For the last few weeks I’ve been testing out 3M’s Mpro150 Pico Projector. It’s a pocket sized device with its own UI and...

mobile 3d film

3M’s New Polymer Film Makes Portable Gadgets 3-D


So 3M, those great innovators, have come up with a way to get you to watch 3-D on your mobile device of choice, but without the glasses entirely.  Check THIS out:  they’ve developed this optical film (that you can apply to any gadget’s backlight system) that uses two alternating rows...


3M MPro 120–Tiny, But How Does It Perform? (video)


The MPro 120 Pocket Projector, from the constantly-innovating minds at 3M, promises to be part of a “new generation of mini-projectors”.  Featuring a battery life of two to four hours, it has built in speakers and can project an image up to a maximum size of fifty inches.  The MPro...


3M Reveals Pocket Projector MPro110


By: Daniel O ‘Hey you! How come you’ve got Bambi playing on your back?’ reply ‘Isn’t it obvious? I got myself a 3M pocket projector…and a friend.’ 3M have announced their newest product, the MPro110 (pocket projector) and the guys at have got their hands on one. Basically it’s...