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Confirmed: Verizon To Sell Netbook

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Following in the foot steps of AT&T, Verizon will begin selling subsidized Netbooks when a customer signs up for a high speed data plan.  For now, you’ll have to settle with little to no details as the Verizon’s spokeswoman Brenda Raney would only confirm the original rumor to partner with...


Gadget Leak: Apple To Sell No Contract iPhone 3G


Either Apple is a bit over anxious about the Palm PREs release or they’ve got a new iPhone coming.  Because come March 26th existing AT&T customers will be able to purchase an unsubsidized iPhone 3G with no contract – at least according to this leaked slide.   Pricing for a no...


Gadget Review: Nokia N85 Cell Phone


Before I headed off to CES I was able to get my hands on a Nokia N85.  The plan was too connect my Stickam account to the device and stream content live from the showroom floor.  Unfortunately, Stickam’s tech didn’t work and the show room floor had spotty 3G coverage. ...


AT&T Announces Improvements To 3G In 2009


AT&T announced they’re working on improvements to their 3G network in 2009. First off, they’ll be finishing HSPA network coverage for the New York and San Francisco areas by the end of 2009. More significantly, they’ll be switching from the 1,900MHz band to the 850MHz band in major cities. Big...

eee pc 901

Asus Eee PC 901 To Feature Built-in 3G, Coming In October

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By: Albert S Asus announced built-in 3G (3.75G HSUPA connectivity) for their Eee PC 901 models, starting in October 2008. Smart move by Asus as these ultra portable, “all day battery” netbooks are perfectly suited for 3G-go-to-the-beach connectivity. Now you really can be like those faceless people in the Corona...


Contintental Blinged 3G iPhone


If you can’t justify the cost of Vertu’s latest cell phone, the Signature S Design, I totally feel you.  No one should suffer the hardship of dropping that kind of cash and not get some ‘bling in return.  Hence Contintentals latest hand tailored luxury mobile, the diamond adorned 16GB 3G...


3G iPhones Might Not Be So 3G


According to Swedish weekly mag, the Ny Teknik, the newest iPhones, which sport 3G chips might have a flaw.   Apparently, some handsets sensitivity to 3rd generation network signals are way below 3G standards.  Ultimately, this means crappy 3G connectivity (aka dropped calls and poor reception).  Forum users have claimed to...