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Fliwer sensor

Fliwer Uses Smart Sensors and Technology To Take Care of your Plants


Thanks to new technology and the Kickstarter campaign Fliwer, you can easily take care of your plants! Even if you don’t have a green thumb, plant care is simplified and made easy via Fliwer that uses your smartphone, tablet or PC to communicate with your plants so that you know what...

Archos smartphone

ARCHOS Lanuches New Unlocked 3G+ Smartphone Line Specs and Pricing


ARCHOS enters the grueling and far from uneventful Smartphone game with 3-entries. Today the company announced after several years of commitment to the computer tablet space it was time to see what everyone was “talking” about. The ARCHOS 35 Carbon, 50 Platinum and 53 Platinum are a trio of dual-SIM...

Project Shield in the flesh

Nvidia Project SHIELD: Why You Want it And Everything You Need to Know


I recently decided to return to Pandora and complete my shamefully unfinished game of Gearbox’s stellar co-op RPG shooter, Borderlands 2. I couldn’t put it down when the game first launched, but my gaming habits are dictated around work and family, so long adventures like this all too often fall to...


iPhone Facetime Will Soon Work Over Cellular, But Not For Everyone


Facetime is hardly the practical choice when it comes to making a phone call.  If you do it often, then you’ve probably acclimated to the experience, but otherwise it can be distracting and prevent the conversation from humming along.  And although Facetime calls, or video chat isn’t what it was...

Verizon Wireless Data Center-8649

Take A Look Inside a Top Secret Mobile Switching Center (pics)

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Unless you work for a company in an IT capacity you probably have no idea of the kind of infrastructure that goes into keeping a business with hundreds of employees up and running.  Multiply that number by millions and you may wonder just how much power, man hours, insurance, cost,...


iPhone 4S vs Galaxy Nexus (comparison)


Update: Checkout our Samsung Galaxy Nexus review. The arrival of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus will bring a whole new era to the Android-based smartphone market, specifically the beginning of the Android 4.0 era that’s been nicknamed Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s been talked about for months as the replacement, or really upgrade, to the...

kindle fire vs iPad 2

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 (comparison)


Move over smartphones, the tablets are going at it! The competition in the tablet market is getting hotter and while many still prefer the iPad, there seams to be a new player in the market that really brings the heat! Amazon’s long-awaited tablet is finally here and they’re calling it...


30 of the Best iOS 5 Features (list)


Tomorrow, Apple will unveil the next iPhone, presumably the iPhone 4GS or iPhone 5.  Not only will it be faster and have an upgraded camera, but it will be powered by iOS 5.  Here are the top 30 new and improved features that users are going to love. 1. Wireless...

Blackberry Torch 9850 Front Profile

Blackberry Torch 9850 Review

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[Rating: 2.5/5] RIM just hasn’t been able to make an all-purpose touch-based handset. They tried with the Storm, the Storm II, and the Torch (and subsequent models), but each new offering has failed in halting the shift of users leaving Blackberry for an iPhone, Android, or even Windows Phone 7...

HP webOS tablet

HP and Palm Gearing Up For Topaz And Opal Tablets (update)


Update: HP just announced the HP Touchpad, the would be iPad killer. These may look like photos of a delicious tablet, but they’re only renders. HP and Palm got together to build the Topaz webOS tablet, and someone working for them was kind enough to leak these images for the...

Monax iPhone Case

Lockheed Martin Gets In The iPhone Business (video)

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Lockheed Martin is making a case for the iPhone? Never thought I’d see the day when the legendary American military tech company would get into the iOS aftermarket add-on business. I never even thought about never seeing the day. The thought of never seeing never crossed my mind, that’s how...