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Tiko Home-Friendly 3D Printer Only $179


There’s plenty of cool-looking 3D printers on the market for consumers, but they all share similar characteristics: They’re big, bulky boxes with price points that make them more suitable for school labs than for tinkering with in your garage or working on in your shop. The Tiko is a Kickstarter...


Dremel’s Idea Builder: A 3D Printer For the Home


With the buzz about 3D printers making everything from guns to contact lenses, it’s understandable to wonder: “Where’s mine at?” Sure, there are 3D printers for sale, but most cost at least several thousand dollars and are designed primarily for schools and labs, not the average amateur. Dremel seeks to...


Genius Faucet Design Changes the Way You Drink


In one of those “it’s so obvious!” creations, student Alice Spieser has made a faucet that allows you to take a quick drink without any mess and without a glass. The faucet, officially called the Down Up tap, is a minimalistic spout with two ends, top and bottom. Thanks to gravity, water...


Meet ‘Reason’, The Next 3D-Printed Metal Handgun


3D printing is a fascinating technology, but it does have larger implications than you might at first think. For now, those reasons are largely theoretical; most 3D printers are little more than prototyping devices. But there’s already work to make them, potentially, arms factories, as Reason, a 3D printed gun...


CraftBot Makes 3D Printing Affordable


3D printing is the revolution in desktop manufacturing that many people have been waiting for. But the revolution does not come cheap; even a “starter” 3D print can cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, people want to bring this to the masses, so that means the next revolution is in driving...


Now You Can Make A Liver In A 3D Printer


The liver is essentially the body’s toxins filter. It’s why getting any sort of liver problem is seriously bad news; if the toxins start backing up, well, that’s not usually good for the rest of your body. Oh, and a replacement is hard to find, as a rule. But what...

3d Printed Awesomeness

14 Amazing 3D Printed Objects You Need to Know About (list)


3D printing has been around since the 70’s, but 3D printers have only been made commercially available within the last few years. 3D printing, as opposed to traditional machining, is an additive process rather than subtractive. This can mean much less waste and carbon footprint. There are all types of...

flying machine bike

Flying Machine Uses 3D Printers To Customize Titanium Bikes


We’re a long way off from having 3D printers in our homes, but it’s becoming more and more common in businesses. And the technology is improving more and more, as Flying Machine is showing off with their new, 3D printed titanium bike. Indestructible Titanium is obviously a preferred metal for...