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Choc Creator V2

Choc Creator V2: 3D Chocolate Printer


Do you constantly try to figure out just how you’re going to get your wife some chocolate late at night when all of the stores around you are closed? Well, think no more! Introducing the Choc Creator V2, a 3D chocolate printer that provides the necessary tools for individuals, chocolatiers, entrepreneurs...


10 3D Printers for Under $1000 That Anyone Can Use At Home Today (list)


3D printing, once the speculative dream of science fiction fans (ah, the Star Trek replicator!) is now a reality, and though the machines themselves still tend toward funky looking boxes containing exposed wiring, print heads, drive mechanisms… they’re quickly moving from something your genius neighbor might throw together in a...


3D Printed Sugar Is Inedelible, Edible Art


3D printing is enormously popular right now, mostly because it means you can manufacture anything you want in your house, as long as it’s made of plastic. But new materials are being pioneered all the time, from metal to wood, and now… sugar. The process started as an attempt to...

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