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Tiko Home-Friendly 3D Printer Only $179


There’s plenty of cool-looking 3D printers on the market for consumers, but they all share similar characteristics: They’re big, bulky boxes with price points that make them more suitable for school labs than for tinkering with in your garage or working on in your shop. The Tiko is a Kickstarter...


MakerBot 3D Printer to Include Metal, Stone and Wood Materials


If you’ve been following the rise of consumer-friendly 3D printers, you have probably noticed that materials have been somewhat…limited. 3D printers focus primarily on materials that are very easy to heat and extrude, which often means sticking with very basic polymers, which are available in a variety of colors but...


Dremel’s Idea Builder: A 3D Printer For the Home


With the buzz about 3D printers making everything from guns to contact lenses, it’s understandable to wonder: “Where’s mine at?” Sure, there are 3D printers for sale, but most cost at least several thousand dollars and are designed primarily for schools and labs, not the average amateur. Dremel seeks to...

Play-doh 3D Printer

Play-Doh 3D Printer “Sells Out” on Thinkgeek


Who wouldn’t want a Play-doh 3D printer?  I know I would.  How about you?  Well, too bad.  Because it ain’t real.  It’s one of many Thinkgeek April Fool’s pranks.  But take a look at the comments, and you’ll see some people we’re actually fooled.  I’ve been following Thinkgeek for almost...

Cube 3D Printer

Cube 3D Printer Comes Home for just $1,299


You’re set to head out for the day and suddenly your iPhone case breaks.  If you’re like most iPhone 4s owners, you’ve come accustom to carrying Apple’s handset with a case attached.  Without it, it feels a bit like driving without a seatbelt; you just feel like you’re gonna get...


Nanocade Mame Cabinet


Looks pretty professional, doesn’t it? But it’s a handmade Mame Cabinet, and the plans for making it are available online. It isn’t even all that difficult, if you have access to a 3D printer or a laser cutter for producing the parts. Once you’ve put it together, it will hold...


‘Beautiful Modeler’ Is Virtual Putty For The iPad (video)


Taking advantage of the iPad’s multi-touch capabilities, “Beautiful Modeler” is an app duo from Karl D.D. Willis that literally puts virtual modeling-clay into your hands. But in order to work it, you need an additional Mac hooked up to the same Wi-Fi network. The Mac shows the model you’re working...