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Spinner 360 front

Lomography Spinner 360 Review


emember spinning around as a kid so you could see what it looked like? It might have made you dizzy and landed you on the floor, but it was a way to see the world differently. Lomography’s Spinner 360 camera does the same thing, only instead of vertigo you end...


Dwarf Omni-Directional USB Speaker


Looking like anything but, this little USB speaker is capable of 360 degrees of sound output.  Priced at $25,  this could be a great addition to your set-up, especially if you don’t have a lot of space to work with. This speaker could also be used apart from computers and...

Sony 360 Degree Display

Sony Developing A Display Viewable From 360 Degrees


Sony’s had their struggles with R&D, as evidenced by the failed Mini Disc and UMD formats.  Now it looks the behemoth has plans to release a prototype spherical like display that could achieve massive fanfare or be lost in the annals of obscurity. While I’m not sure what the practical...


CirculaFloor: A Moving Floor For Virtual Reality (video)


Conceptually the CirculaFloor makes complete sense.  Step forward or sideways and the robotic tiles continuously moves in and out of position to simulate forward movement.  In reality, the user actually remains in position.  Although a perfect resolve to virtual reality and their endless environments, the CirculaFloor currently doesn’t obtain the...