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Yamaha YAS-203 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer Front Surround System Review


Sound bars are used because they’re convenient — they don’t take up room like having a set of speakers does. But giving up surround sound seems a given since all the speakers are contained in single cabinet staring dead-on at the person watching the TV. But the Yamaha YAS-203 Sound...


Stay Warm This Winter With Nike’s Tech Fleece Aeroloft Windrunner Jacket

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There are jackets and then there is the Nike Tech Fleece Aeroloft Windrunner Jacket that offers maximum warmth infused with street style that only Nikes knows how to perfect. And for $350, it better do its job of keeping you super warm during the coming chilly months. The Versatile Style...


LG LAB540W 4.1 Ch 320W SoundPlate Review


The whole idea behind a “sound table” is to provide convenient amplified sound from the television or any video device that is playing on it. But to integrate as the audio system of a home theater, this “sound table” needs to do more than just cram speakers and electronics into...


Leaux Racing Trike Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again


Miss the days of just cruising your neighborhood streets on a trike as a kid? Yeah, me too, which is why the Leaux Racing Trike is so cool! The adult tricycle lets you ride inches from the ground, giving you that good ol’ feeling you used to get as a...

YSP-1400 main

Yamaha YSP-1400 Digital Sound Projector Review


ll sound bars use speakers contained inside of an enclosure. To get multichannel audio, not just stereo, either a sound bar comes with a pair of satellite speakers or uses a psycho-acoustic program to simulate the “effect” of added speakers. Where the Yamaha YSP-1400 Sound Projector differs is that it...

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The Autographer Review


hat’s with these “wearable” cameras that are all the rage lately? Do they work and really know what they’re doing and how do you handle them? The Autographer does what a “wearable” camera should and does it well, even if it’s not as unobtrusive looking as some others. The Autographer...

STANMORE - Active Loudspeaker

Marshall Headphones STANMORE – Active Stereo Loudspeaker Review


here’s a lot of Bluetooth speakers on the market and in varying sizes and shapes. But few aspire to a retail of $400.00 because of inexpensive materials corralled together to form a speaker-box. The Marshall Headphones STANMORE – Active Stereo Loudspeaker can justify the above-mentioned price tag because of its...


The Nexus 5 Leaks Its Price, $350

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Google, when it comes to the Nexus 5, is a leaky, leaky ship, but this leak is even more official, and obvious, than most: They just put up the price on the Nexus 5 on their official store. Oh, you can’t buy it; the link was dead and was quickly...

SOHO YX545 Dual Band Signal Booster

zBoost SOHO YX545 Dual Band Signal Booster Review


veryone knows that cell phones have become commonplace for daily life, but how many also know that they’ve also replaced landlines in many small home offices? Or that having a dependable cellular connection when indoors is not guaranteed by even the latest smartphone technology? That’s where a cellular signal booster...

Wren V5AP Wireless Sound System

Wren V5PF Wireless Audio System Review


udio docks are ugly. Yes they provide a receptacle for holding a mobile device and play music with bigger speakers. But compared to the sleek lines of the device being used with them, these guys are never going to win any design awards. Except maybe for the Wren V5PF Wireless...

DVDO Quick6 6 x 2 4K Ultra HD HDMI Switcher

DVDO Quick6 6 x 2 4K Ultra HD HDMI Switcher Review


n HDTV needs to be “fed” a lot of content; hence the need for a variety of video sources being connected to it.  But most HDTVs don’t give you more than 2 or 3  HDMI inputs, and switching from one to the other with the TV remote often means memorizing...