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Philips S10-1

Philips S10 Touchscreen Home Phone is Very Smartphone (pics)

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Ditching the landline is a no brainer for generation X or younger, but for others it might be a bit too fleeting of an experience to go cold turkey.  So if you can’t completely give up the idea of having a stand alone phone for calls, but are willing to...

Nikon S800c

Nikon Coolpix S800c Point and Shoot Camera Boasts Android & WiFi (video)


Smartphone photos easily out number dedicated point and shoots.  You can thank Facebook, Instagram, and the hardware makers for that.  However, point and shoots still provided superior image quality that has yet to be truly matched by a phone’s camera. Nikon’s S800c might be the best of both worlds.  No,...

Sidekick 4g

The Sidekick Lives Again, Will Be Known As The Sidekick 4G


Danger’s servers might have reached their end of life, but thanks to Samsung the Sidekick is alive and kicking again. Aptly titled the Sidekick 4G, the handset sports the familiar flip keyboard Sidekick users have come to know and love, all the while boasting 4G speeds on T-Mobile’s network with...


Chumby One Review

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[rating:4/5] Pros: Easy to setup and use Vast array of apps that fulfills almost any bedside need Bright screen, loud alarm and USB input and headphone jack Cons: Pandora sometimes stutters during playback Touchscreen is not capacitive Video plays at an unwatchable frame rate At first glance the Chumby can probably best be described...

Garmin 295w

Garmin nuvi 295W Is The G60 Sans 3G Connectivity


Garmin’s nüvi 295W GPS sports the same form factor as their G60 but lacks the 3G connectivity and oh, the ability to make calls.  But this is good news for those of you looking for a pocket sized GPS device to compliment your dumb phone since it’s contract free.  It...


Gadget Leak: High Rez Pics Of Dell’s Mini 3i Smartphone Emerge


We’ve kind of avoided the Dell Smartphone rumor thing for sometime, but now high rez pics of the handset have surfaced, so ignore we can no more. The Dell Mini 3i packs a 3.5-inch touchscreen display, 3 megapixel camera, microSD card slot and is chalk full of the Android OS....


Creative Launches Android Powered Zii EGG PMP

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We first saw Creative’s Zii PMP when it hit the FCC.  Now the company has made the EGG, it’s developer edition available for $400.  Packed inside is a 3.5-inch 320×480 capacitive 10-point multi-gesture touchscreen, WiFi, full sized SD card slot, GPS, 3x accelerometer, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, 32GB of flash memory, Creative’s...


Sony’s NAS-Z200iR Does iPod And Includes Its Very Own 3.5-inch Touchscreen Remote

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Unwire me from my audio experience and you pretty much have me sold.  Sony’s NAS-Z200iR is a WiFi enabled, DLNA compliant slot loading CD player that includes its own self charging 3.5-inch touchscreen remote.  Not to be left out in the cold, they’ve also include an iPod dock and USB...


Sony PSP Go! Price And Release Date Announced


Sony got official on their PSP Go! today.  We pretty much knew everything yesterday with the exception of price and launch date, which is going to be $249 this October 1st in the EU and North America and November 1st in Japan.  What?  Japan is receiving the PSP Go! after...


Sony Ericsson Idou 12MP Phone Becomes The Satio

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At the time of launch we knew that Sony Ericsson’s 12 megapixel camera phone, the Idou, would receive a name change once it got closer to an official launch. Well, that day – not the launch day, but the name day – has come. The Sony Ericsson Idou will be...