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gokey copy

The GOkey Is The Ultimate Keychain Companion, Will Charge Your Phone, Find Your Keys and More


Many of us have random, useless crap on our keychains like souvenirs from vacations, pictures of our kids (or pets) and other random things. But the new GOkey campaign on Indiegogo is anything but useless – the ultimate keychain features a myriad of useful devices like a phone charger, synching...

Nexus 5

The Nexus 5 Is On Sale Starting Today for $349, Includes OIS Camera and Snapdragon 800


So after numerous leaks, some of which may have been planned and some not, the Nexus 5 has officially arrived and is on sale (though we’re hearing the 16GB is already sold out in what seems like less than a few hours). So what’s the story with the Nexus 5?...


iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5 (spec comparison)


Apple’s iPhone announcement on Tuesday wasn’t meant to expand their smartphone product line so much as it was a chance to announce replacements to an existing model.  Only thing was, surprise surprise, it wasn’t the iPhone 4S that was going to be phased out, but rather the newest member of the...

Moto X Black

Motorola Moto X Specs


So the Moto X was unveiled not less than 24 hours ago.  And much like the leak we saw last week, the Moto X is no Samsung Galaxy S4 killer. In fact, at the core of the Moto X’s engine is the same processor found in the Nexus 4, albeit...

Moto X White

The Moto X is Here, An Always Listening Smartphone That Offers Exceptional Battery Life

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The Moto X is no secret thanks to a variety of leaks – some planned, some not.  This included Google’s own Eric Schmidt talking on the phone a few weeks ago at a conference, and a Rogers Wireless video depicting the Moto X’s always on voice feature.  And today Google...

HTV One vs HTC One Mini

HTC One Mini Vs. HTC One (comparison)


Yesterday we took a brief look at the PR HTC released for the reduced size HTC One Mini. The unit is finally getting official specs and a taste of a release date. It truth, it looks very much like a the HTC One’s smaller doppleganger. It sports similar industrial design,...

Aegis Secure Key

This Flash Drive Sports a Keypad, 256-bit Encryption, and Government Specs to Keep Your Spy Files Top Secret


There are USB flash drives and then there is the Aegis Secure Key. First off, this thing is government rated on a variety of levels.  Not only can it withstand dust and water thanks to its IP57 certification, but it has been tested and validated by the Federal Information Processing Standards...

Lacie PetiteKey-2

Lacie PetiteKey Thumb Drive Belongs on Your Keys


Over the year’s we can’t even begin to tell you how many press releases we’ve received by way of a thumb drive.  CES is probably the biggest contributor to this unsolicited and unofficial collection.  However, every time we need a thumb drive we just can’t seem to find one.  And...

Bane and Batman Flash Drives

Dark Knight Rises and BANE Flash Drives Arrive (video)


USB flash drives are generally square, boring, plastic pieces of kit.  Those with fingerprint readers add a ton more security, while others slide out from a sheath increasing the drive’s durability.  However, we’d rather use MIMOBOT’s drives, which to this day have come in a variety of flavors, though we’ve seen...

Sony S Tablet - 02

Sony Tablet S Hands On (pics)


Last Wednesday I stopped by the Sony store at the Century City Mall here in West Los Angeles, where the company was holding a launch event for their Tablet S. The Tablet S is one of two Sony tablets that the company plans on releasing.  The S sports a 9.4-inch...

Motorola Xoom WiFi

Motorola Xoom WiFi Now Available For Preorder


If you’ve been holding out for the WiFi version of Motorola’s Xoom, you’ll be pleased as pie to hear that Amazon (and a few other retailers) now has it available for preorder for $599.99.  It should ship to you by March 27th, which is the official release date for the...