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LG Makes Complete LH55 Series Available For Retail Purchase


LG officially announced the retail availability of their LH55 series LCD TVs today. The 47-inch version has been available on Amazon since March, but you can now purchase the 37-inch, 42-inch and 55-inch for f $1,399.95, $1,799.95 and $3,899.95, respectively.  This particular series boasts LG’s TruMotion 240Hz with unique scanning...


Sonix7 Media Pro PMP Takes On Apple, Did They Win?


It’s not that unusual to get a press release announcing a product that takes on a problem, but taking on Apple, that takes serious cahonays.  One thing is for, the Sonix7 Media Pro is cheap considering what you get, but their website is riddled with customer testimonials, which sound as...


HTC Touch Diamond 2 Goes On Sale


It wasn’t too long ago we heard about the next iteration of the HTC Touch Diamond, the Touch Diamond 2, and now it’s already making its way to retail stores, albeit in the UK.  Expansys UK has the phone for free if you sign up for a T-Mobile contract, otherwise...