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Clover Digi Cam

Mr. Digital Clover Keychain Sized Camera


These days its all about hi-def this hi-def that.  But what about lo-def.  I’m not talking about a throw back to analog.  But sometimes products that you can kick around and not give two sh*ts about are a nice break from our glistening and oh-so fragile iPhones. The Mr. Clover...

Motion Detecting Mini Camcorder

Motion Detecting Palm Sized Camcorder For Under $60


Chinavision never ceases to amaze us with their endless myriad of novelty products.  But novelty doesn’t mean useless. The Ultra Compact MiniDV Camcorder can record 640×480 video and capture 2 megapixel photos, but the real meat of this product is its ability to start recording when it detects motion.  And...


Motorola A455 Rival Now Available From Verizon Wireless


Verizon Wireless officially introduced the Motorola A455 Rival today. Available in Tin Silver and Purple, the Rival is a full QWERTY phone with a 2.2-inch 176×220 display, media player, 2 megapixel camera, GPS and Bluetooth. Total talk time is rated at 320 minutes while standby time is 510 hours, which...