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LEGO USB Flash Drive

LEGO Flash Drive Now Official, Yes It’s A First


A flash drive is a flash drive, right?  Well, maybe not if you’re a massive LEGO fan.  Today, the toy company released the first, yes first official LEGO USB flash drive.  It can store up to 2GB of data and includes a built-in key chain ring. Apparently LEGO anticipates that...


Voltron USB Flash Drive


Form USB storage! Tech nerds of a certain age probably have fond memories of Voltron, the other transforming robot show that well, wasn’t Transformers. Now you can relive those memories with the Voltron USB Stick. The 3.5-inch figure includes a light-up chest, 2GB storage, and a remastered episode of the...


USB 2GB Dictaphone…Or Voice Recorder


Totally ready for dubious acts of all kinds comes this mini-USB voice recorder from some generic company.  You can record up to 40 hours worth of audio on the 2GB’s or memory though it will only record 4 hours on one charge. The audio is stored as WAV files and...

Lego MP3 player

Lego MP3 Player


The Lego MP3 player might be suitable for ages 5 years or older, but something tells me the only people that will be buying this gadget are the 30 somethings that grew up stacking these multicolored blocks. The player sports 2GB of storage, an 8 hour rechargeable battery, LCD screen...


Four More Star Wars Flash Drives

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Combine anything with the Star Wars brand and it’s sure to sell.  Competing with the likes of Mimobot are 4 new rehashed Star Wars flash drives in the form of Yoda, Darth Vader, Storm Trooper and the good old Bobba Fett.  Each drive can store up to 2GB of data...


Ninja Geek: Shuriken Shaped USB Thumb Drive


Talk about protecting your data. The Shuriken shaped USB Thumb Drive holds up to 2GB of data and costs a wallet damaging $109. The best part, though, is that GeekStuff4U, who sells the thumb drive, warns that it is not a real Shuriken, but that it may have sharp edges...


Antares’ KPMP316 Sports MP3 Player Are Earbuds


Small, tiny and light weight are all necessary components for a successful MP3 player. Antares’ KPMP316 Sports MP3 player embodies all of these qualities and is available in 3 sizes (1GB, 2GB and 4GB) and two colors (blue or yellow). The right ear bud contains the player’s controls and a...


Sony Announces Simpleton E-Series Walkman


Sony has just introduced a new E-series Walkman MP3 player and based on appearance and lack of functionality it looks like it will remain in Japan.  Available in 3 sizes 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB and 10 different colors, the E-series also features an FM radio and interchangeable front panels and...